Hi there!

I’ve always liked tech. We had a computer and a modem in my home when I grew up and I remember calling up different BBS’s and trying to figure out how everything worked. So exciting!

I remember deconstructing video game controllers, trying to “repair” them. (They never ever worked again).

And I remember the first brush strokes I took in Paintbrush on Windows 3.1.


I kept on playing around with computers through out the years. I mostly tinkered with different graphics programs. Photoshop, 3d-studio max, etc.


Two years ago I started learning web development on my own in my spare time. HTML, CSS and Javascript. I quickly got hooked and it was then I decided that I wanted to work with web design and development.


So I applied to Hyper Island and got accepted to Digital Media Creative in Stockholm.


I’ve learned a lot at Hyper, especially about group dynamics and different kinds of leadership. I got the opportunity to work creatively with various real clients. And I learned the power of reflection and feedback in order to keep learning and move forward.


I like taking photos and I started a small film-collective together with 4 of my  friends. We just finished shooting our first short movie, “Tröst”. A film about friendship between to men.


I also really enjoy drawing and illustration. I just recently got into making brush lettering. So much fun!


I’m currently working as a Web developer and Scrum master at SVT Play.


Please feel free to contact me. I have always got time for a coffee!



Software: Photoshop, Premier Pro, Aftereffects, Cinema4d, Sketch.

Programming: HTML, CSS, Javascript, Git.


Other clients I have worked with that are still under NDA: